About Me


A few years ago, my only exercise consisted of smashing a bunch of buttons on my Xbox controller, or walking the length from the couch to the kitchen then back again. Then I discovered kickboxing, and the joy it brought me not only to punch a bag like I was punching my worst enemy in the face, but the strength, the feeling of accomplishment, the confidence. Then kickboxing faded and I discovered my newest love: running. So far I’ve completed a few 5k runs, and even my first half marathon; this one has seemed to stick!

This blog is all about my latest goal: on May 5, 2013, I will be running my first full marathon. This page will document my 16-week training journey, while I juggle being a writer and bartender (and of course begging for your emotional support). Running is never easy, but it’s always rewarding. I am setting the highest of standards for my mind and body ever, and this is all about a lazy chick’s struggle from the bottom to the tippy top. Come along, won’t you?

And please, check out my first home: wordsandotherthings.


7 responses to “About Me

  1. Le Clown

    Le Clown… #1.
    But we knew that.
    Le Clown

  2. The first one is the most memorable. And also an easy PR.

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