This one’s for you, Boston.


What can I say? Another tragedy; every one breaks my heart, but this one tugs at a special string. These past few weeks have marked some high highs and some low lows in my running. But yesterday I didn’t run for me. Yesterday I ran for Boston. I ran for the lost, I ran for the injured, I ran for the courageous. Runners are those of a tightknit community and now, more than ever, we can prove it.

The May 5th marathon has taken on a whole new meaning. It isn’t just about me anymore; it’s about them. And I’ll be carrying every one with me that Sunday morning.

Yesterday’s run: 10 miles

Last week I had a 22 that turned into 8. It was the worst run I’ve ever had. But I quickly stopped feeling sorry for myself and picked up the pieces before it could drag me into the dirt. There is no quitting. There is no impossible. This will happen, and it will be amazing.

I’ve got even more incentive now.




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4 responses to “This one’s for you, Boston.

  1. runningonsober

    Beautifully written, Nicole.

    Sorry your last long run wasn’t happening. My first 20 sucked too (I got 2 miles in before my asthma kicked in), but I made it up a few days later and finished strong. You still have time to hit it before your taper.

  2. What a nice tribute to the victims in Boston. Sometimes runs just don’t work out (look who’s talking. I barely WALK!). Keep training for your marathon and run for the people in Boston who never got to finish their marathon. That is the best tribute you can give them.

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