Can we not even get into last week’s second 16 miler?

All I can say.

All I can say.

A bad run is always disappointing, even when you know there’s countless more to look forward to. For a second I doubted myself, and my ability to run this marathon; but then I remembered even the most seasoned of runners probably have an off day once in a while. My body clock wasn’t quite on, I didn’t hydrate enough, I didn’t get exactly enough sleep….it could be any of these things, which continues to make me nervous as much as I try to write it off. What if that one extra glass of water would have made the difference on marathon day? What if 7.5 hours would have been better than 8? I have to turn off the negative brain waves.

Some new running gear got me a little re-motivated.

Yellow is nice.

Yellow is nice.

The yellow shirt and the comfy black pants were on sale and I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to be looking for warmer weather running clothing. The wind whipping in your face for 16 miles is no fun.

Back on track with a few small guys in between, the best friend and I headed back into the city for a third time this past Tuesday; this time we banged out 17 miles. 17 miles. And it was awesome. I was so proud of us. We finished strong, too. Running solid for 3 hours allows time for your mind to wander, and when we weren’t crossing streets or deep in conversation I found myself worrying about other everyday life things instead of focusing on the running aspect of our outing. The sights of Philadelphia help every time, too. The perfect running city.

I banged out a 4 miler today (in 32 minutes!!! I think my having to pee was motivation in this one.), and that run brought me to 100 miles for the month of March. I never would have fathomed running so much in just one month.

A bridge shot. We ran from Philadelphia to New Jersey and back again.

A bridge shot. We ran from Philadelphia to New Jersey and back again.

There’s beautiful weather creeping up on us this weekend, and I’m hoping to get in at least one other 2 or 3 miler before this Sunday. Finishing out the month at 100 miles? Awesome. Finishing out the month at just over 100 miles? Double awesome. Keep on pushin’. Keep on amazin’ yourself.



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2 responses to “100/100

  1. Yes, a bad run is better than no run. This is said from a non-runner. Keep up the good work. You will get to your marathon yet. Your new running clothes look great!

  2. Think about this too – now your bad runs are probably better than your original good runs used to be.
    17miles? I can’t imagine how much crack I’d need to smoke to run that far.

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