Runners are crazy.

If “run sixteen miles” was scribbled somewhere on my bucket list, I’d be scratching it out right now.

We did it. It’s only a stepping stone, but we did it. Philadelphia’s Boat House Row was just the change of scenery we needed (I ran summer’s Midnight Madness around this loop); one time around is 8.4 miles, so we started with that before veering off into the city.


We stashed our Gatorade in this gaping tree trunk. I probably could have fit in here. When we return this Friday, I may climb inside and have the best friend take a picture.


We were all tye-dye and smiles at the starting line!

The first 9 miles went off without a hitch. We were pumped, the conversation was high, the wind was low. The afternoon running crowd was older; people were stretching, their gear looked expensive. They were serious and it was motivating. We were serious too. It was chilly but the sun was shining on us.

Around the halfway point we stopped for Honey Stingers and that  Gatorade. We chugged it, hit the rest stop, and continued on.


The city is always colorful, even in shades of gray. Little pockets of street art and tunnels are enough to distract you for a few miles. There was a constant rumble of traffic to the right of us, the river to the left, metal and trees in front and above.


Somewhere around mile 14 my legs started to resent me, and I had to power walk here and there. My body is getting over those humps now – in a few short weeks I’ll be putting it through a hell of a lot more. We celebrated with drinks and salads. A short run yesterday, a short run tomorrow, and Friday we’re back in the city for another 16. Did I just smile because I’m looking forward to it?

Runners are crazy.



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13 responses to “Runners are crazy.

  1. Yes, runners are crazy! I am in awe of how, with ONE RUN, you blow away my week’s total mileage…YOU ARE AWESOME!! (And so is the best friend, since she is right there step for step, huh!) Just realized I’m doing my 1st 10K the day before your 1st marathon, so here’s the deal: you cheer me on, and then I will cheer you on, ok? It’s a bet!

  2. So you may be a crazy runner, but some of us are crazy jealous! Congrats!

  3. runningonsober

    Yes, but running is cheaper than therapy!

    Way to rock those 16! Now go kick those 16 in da ass!!!

  4. My question is does the running make you crazy, or is it a prerequisite?
    *Cheering you on from my armchair*

  5. You are really doing great with your training, Nicole Marie. You are sure to be ready for your marathon. Keep up the good work.

  6. *applauding while NOT running 16 miles*

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