Soaking It All In

running gear2

The local running store I go to for all my running needs was having a sale on their winter gear this week – 40% off everything! So of course I couldn’t resist picking up a new pair of running pants and a cute shirt that reads “run happy”. The best part: I got a new pair of Brooks! The same style I had before (because I’m in love with them), except this time in pink instead of blue. Can’t wait to try them out this morning during my 3 miler. It’s 30 degrees and windy. Not really looking forward to it, unfortunately. I can hear the wind through my window right now. Eek.

Friday’s run: 10 miles

I did it! I hit the double digits. I was excited about that run, especially when I woke up Friday morning to sunny, 50-something weather. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. To really soak in the sun, I opted for a racer-back dry-fit that day. Since I’m still not too familiar with all aspects of our neighborhood, I thought it best to stick to running around the lake. I didn’t want to venture too far into unknown parts of town, headphones on, having to stop constantly for traffic. One loop around the lake is just about a perfect mile, give or take a few feet. So ten laps = ten miles. There were lots of runners/walkers/dogs/fishermen out, enjoying the premature spring-like weather as much as I was. And in a safe environment, I was free to turn the music up and get to running.

I chose the Nine Inch Nails Pandora station for this one. I was feeling a little aggressive, wanting to take this run and make it mine. It definitely worked. I kept a fairly steady pace, teetering between 9:06/mile and 9:38/mile. Somewhere in the middle I lost a bit of momentum, but I picked it up again towards the end. The runner’s high kicked in around 8.5 miles, when I was close to the finish line and realizing I was about to “run” Broad Street. (I really wanted to enter the lottery for Broad Street this year, but unfortunately it falls on the same day as the marathon! Maybe next year.)

No walking, no stopping to tie a shoelace or pet a dog. I’m proud to say I ran every mile. I rewarded myself with a Starbucks chai (and of course my new pants, shirt and shoes), and went home for some relaxation time. I’m looking forward to conquering another long one next week. The days are closing in on me quicker than I thought they would!

A view of the lake. My iPhone couldn't fit the entire thing in, obviously. Look at that beautiful sky.

A view of the lake. My iPhone couldn’t fit the entire thing in, obviously. Look at that beautiful sky.



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3 responses to “Soaking It All In

  1. Looking forward to the point when you post “Did a 3 miier. Boooring….”
    Keep at it!

  2. I have walking shoes that look almost like those. Almost. Well, pink and grey, anyway.

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