Serious Mileage

Sunday’s run: 8 miles

Today’s run: 3 miles

It’s been a while since I’ve run 8 miles, so I was a little nervous Sunday morning. Luckily things went smoothly. It wasn’t terribly cold. I made two quick stops to retie a shoelace (I learned my lesson after the second time and double-knotted) and continued on with no real issues except my Pandora acting up. I didn’t want to stop and restart my phone, so I turned my music off for about 2 miles then restarted it; everything was fine after that. Two miles without music started out nice – I could hear my breath, my feet hitting the pavement, the birds in the trees – but it got pretty damn boring pretty quickly. Personally I’ll stick to music at all times.

After that I showered and worked for 9 hours. Whew! Needless to say I passed out as soon as I got home.

I took a day off yesterday, resting up my legs for today’s 3 miler. It was 48 and sunny so I went out in a hat and fingerless gloves, no compression sleeves or compression shirt. It was nice to not have to bundle up so much! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons but with this running schedule I find myself eager for warmer weather. I was finished in 27 minutes with a nice steady pace (about 9:13/mile), no walking. My Brooks have just about had it – the tread is completely flat in the middle of each shoe – so it’s time to invest in a new pair this week. I think I may pick up a new pair of compression pants too, if I can swing it. Is it sad that new running gear excites me? 🙂

I’ve modified this training schedule to fit in with my personal schedule, so it’s a bit jumbled around. Off yesterday, 3 miler today, 5 miler tomorrow, off Thursday, 10 miler Friday, off Saturday, 3 miler Sunday. Some serious mileage is about to go down. I’m trying to start working in some punching/kicking on my bag in the basement, as well as some crunches or other cardio. Running is doing wonders for my legs/glutes but I don’t want to neglect my middle. It’s also time to start worrying about my food/water intake.

Since I’m a beginner to all of this, any suggestions on various workouts in between my runs, and/or some food advice from fellow runners/marathon trainees? Anything is much appreciated!

I leave you with one of my favorite songs to run to. So calming:



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4 responses to “Serious Mileage

  1. Loved the song. Congratulations on your running. I’m not a runner. I walk, so I’m not in a position to give advice on exercises, food, etc. I’ll leave that to someone else. Just keep up the good work and you’ll achieve your goal. I know you will.

  2. That’s a hell of a schedule!
    do you approach the longer ones any different than the shorter, or just go out and run?

    • Right?! For the longer ones I “carb up” the night before which is always fun for me. Last night I made Joe chicken lasagna roll-ups for V-Day dinner and stuffed my face with an extra helping. It gives me some extra fuel to burn when I’m going to be burning 800+ calories. Thank goodness for some PERFECT weather today – 52 and sunny! I’ll probably down another serving of that lasagna after today’s 10 miler. 🙂

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