The Runners’ Club

Tuesday’s Run: 3 miles

It was pretty chilly yesterday, but not unbearable. My friend and I passed a runner in shorts and a t-shirt (definitely too cold for that), and she gave us a friendly “hello” as we passed. I love the support runners give each other. Whether it’s a quiet nod, a half smile, a wave, a “hello”. It’s like bikers that wave to each other, leather clad and in bad-ass sunglasses. They stand together as one, they are part of a group of people who share a passion for something. 

I felt tall yesterday. My legs felt long. I pounded across the pavement with ease, never touching the cracks in the concrete. No walking breaks, lots of panting because we always try having a full conversation while we run. Finished in under 30 minutes again. That seems to be the norm nowadays, and I am so grateful for it. A 5 miler coming up tomorrow! Today, I rest. Being in between morning shifts leaves me feeling useless for anything other than typing a few words and curling up on the couch with a glass of wine.



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4 responses to “The Runners’ Club

  1. There’s some cold coming.
    Dress appropriately!

  2. runningonsober

    ^What he said. 🙂
    And maybe buy some snow shoes.

    Seriously, you’re doing great!! Keep it up!!

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