Feeling Blue? RUN!

Sunday’s run: 7 miles

feeling blue - run

It’s true! Running is one of the best cures for depression. It has helped dig me out of a big hole I’d let myself fall into, and it continues to help me four days a week. That’s one of the reasons (among many) that I’m running this marathon. The “reminder that I am ALIVE with a body that will allow me to accomplish amazing things”. It really is impossible to be sad while running. If you haven’t already, give it a try. See how you feel.

My 7 miler was supposed to be on Saturday, but I woke up not feeling so good so I stayed in bed an extra hour (had a 10 hour work day ahead of me) and pushed it back to Sunday instead. Either way, I still got in my 4 runs for the week.  It took me a little while to get going, to warm up, but around mile 3 I was feeling pretty good. Just a few small power walks here and there, mostly to pet Nevada (Joe walked her around the lake while I ran), or to dodge the many other doggies that were being walked that morning. I had some turkey sausage and egg whites as my post-run protein. Mmm. I continue to be intimidated by the miles growing before me, but I’m trying not to let my mind get in the way of my body. Deep down I know I can do this. I’m going to do this.

Time for a 3 miler in a light snowfall. Happy Tuesday, everybody!



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7 responses to “Feeling Blue? RUN!

  1. Don’t be intimidated. You’re growing with the miles.
    I’m not sad when I run either.
    Mostly because after about 20 yards, I can’t breathe.

  2. i love that you are using your training to overcome the dreary realities of life! I am encouraged by your bravery, and I am so glad I didn’t let the two-week forced hiatus stop me from coming back. 33 days and counting to my first race, and SO looking forward to it! I forget, when is your marathon?

  3. I used running to keep my mind and body healthy. A good run allowed us to think and feel free for a time. Good luck.

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