A solid week so far!

Monday’s run: 4 miles

Tuesday’s run: 3 miles

Thursday’s run: 3 miles

I apologize for slacking a little here! This week has been crazy. There is a lot going on with my family, and those morning shifts killed me as usual.

I failed to finish out last week with a 3 miler (shame on me), but thankfully I’m right on track this week. (Tomorrow’s big run is 7 miles!)

Monday there was rain, but only a sprinkle. It wasn’t as epic as I thought it’d be, Nick! I can’t say I wasn’t happy it didn’t pour on me.

Tuesday was cloudy, but no rain. I dodged goose poop the entire time, but other than that, it was a nice solid run. Yesterday was extremely windy, and my sunglasses almost blew right off of my face a few times. On top of it all I was exhausted, but I trudged through and finished in just under 30 minutes. Not bad.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s 7 miler. Happy running, everyone. Have a great weekend!




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6 responses to “A solid week so far!

  1. Good luck tomorrow, Nicole Marie.

  2. runningonsober

    You rock! Hope you kicked 7 mile ass today!

  3. Fantastic!
    Hope the seven went well, and glad (and impressed) you’re keeping up with it!

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