Gonna run ’til I don’t jiggle!

Today’s run: 6 miles 


Holy crap. I think Joe’s over-sized jacket may be good luck; I threw it on again today because it was too cold to wear anything else. My feet felt like they had been submerged into two giant ice cubes for the first 2 miles…but beyond that I could feel them again. When I heard “9:19” for the first mile, I swore for a moment that my Nike+ application was broken. Then I hit the second, and the third, and the numbers remained low – actually, after that they kept going down.

I ended up finishing just under 50 minutes….my fastest time ever. 

I didn’t go out today with a goal of breaking any new record, but I did, and it felt fantastic. I saved yesterday’s 3 miler for tomorrow, since the morning shift killed me again. I needed a rest. Maybe it helped, for today. I can only hope my times stay this good. Bringing today to an end feeling pretty damn proud.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

You're damn right I am.

You’re damn right I am.




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8 responses to “Gonna run ’til I don’t jiggle!

  1. Good on you!
    So how much difference do you expect between the running now, and when it warms up some?

    • I hope to keep it this pace. I feel it’s really good for me. And for the actual marathon I actually expect to do around 10 minute miles, just so I don’t tire myself out too easily. I really appreciate the interest and support, for real. It means a lot to me. Fingers crossed I can keep up this fast pace!!!!!!

  2. Run like your pretend daddy just won the lottery and you’re going shopping afterward!

  3. Your run times are great! Keep up the good work (this from someone who walks). You’ll be in shape for the marathon yet!

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