Runner’s High

Today’s run: 4 miles 

This afternoon I fell victim to an uncomfortable runner’s wardrobe. After working another brutal morning shift (seriously, brutal…a post in explanation will follow over at my main blog) I sped home and quickly got changed, because I knew once I sat down, there was no getting back up. Waking up at 3:30 AM will do that to you.

We’re having some seriously bitter weather today. (Today’s high: 19 Degrees) It’s freezing, it’s dry, there’s patches of ice scattered about where you least expect them and a thin layer of hard snow from Monday’s “storm” is still covering lawns and some sidewalks. When it’s this cold, the only way I can stay truly warm in my own clothes is by layering 18 sweatshirts and a scarf over my compression shirt. But today I opted to wear Joe’s extra warm – extra large (on me, anyway) – Columbus jacket. I promised not to sweat it up….too much.

The hotness. Nevada photobombed me.

The hotness. Nevada photo-bombed me.

Compression sleeves on, Brooks on, over-sized jacket on, sunglasses, hat, SPIbelt, phone – check, check, check and check. And so I got out there. It wasn’t too bad. The jacket was a good idea. Until I started really getting into my run, and every time I bounced the collar (zipped up to keep my neck warm) rubbed against my cheeks. Annoyance number one. Then the wedgies. Yeah, that’s right, wedgies. Not all undergarments are runner friendly. And these ones I chose for today definitely were not. So I picked ’em right out there for all the world to see. Do not sacrifice the run. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Then I realized how loose my sunglasses had become. I’ve known for a while they had to be tightened but when they started to slip down my nose every two seconds, it was no fun.

Regardless, mile one came and went without issue. I was warm and the eyes and nose weren’t running, and I could feel my toes. I took a different route today, exploring some back streets of our neighborhood I haven’t seen yet. The houses are so quaint, so old and lived in, in a charming way. Some have rounded doorways and windows shaped like tilted squares, some have picket fences they haven’t touched up in years, the white paint peeling away in thick chunks. I’m lucky to have plenty of interesting, colorful scenery. 

Around mile two one of my favorite things I’ve experienced as a runner kicked in: that feeling that your legs have suddenly detached, and you’re just a bystander as they race you to your destination. Suddenly it’s like you’re in the passenger’s seat, staring out the window while you wait patiently to get to wherever you’re going. 

It was brief, but I still felt it if only for a few minutes….and I was grateful. To me it’s a sign of how much my strength and endurance continues to improve with every run. When I stop noticing my feet hitting the ground and bouncing back up again and start focusing on my breath and the world around me, I’ve reached new heights. 

At the mile three marker reality kicked back in and so did that feeling that my legs were full of lead. If my eyes had been closed I would have swore I was running in place. But I pushed through and as “one mile to go” rang true in my ears with an average pace of about 9:30/mile, I didn’t want to ruin that time. So my competitive side took over and I ran that baby to the end, even up the brutal slope at the end of my street. Seriously, it hurt. 

I finished in under 40 minutes, and I’m very happy with that. 

Here’s a break down:

nike plus

I’m looking forward to 3 tomorrow, and a 6 miler on Friday. We are quickly approaching double digits….

Happy running!



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6 responses to “Runner’s High

  1. Way to go!
    So does the “uber runner” thing happen earlier in the run and last longer as you get used to it?

    • Thank you, Guap! I like to think so, yes. Some days are still rougher than others, no matter how long I’ve been running, but sometimes I start off strong and end that way. Other days it’s drag all the way through. Today is 6, so I’m really hoping I can start AND finish strong. Especially since it’s so damn cold outside.

  2. I like your description of how you feel at particular points on your run. Never having been a runner, I’ve often wondered about what runner thought about when they run and if it changes as they run. You painted a good picture for me. Happy running to you, Nicole Marie!

  3. Do you take Nevada running with you?

    • I tried once – as documented in a previous post – but why I ever thought a HOUND would make a good running partner, I’ll never know. She stopped to sniff EVERYTHING. But I guess it was just my excitement over taking our new doggie for a run/walk. She walks great, but running….not interested.

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