A Chilly Run!

Wednesday’s run: 3 miles (sort of)

Friday’s run: 5 miles

Today’s run: 3 miles

It was a long week/weekend. We adopted the most affectionate 2-year old Hound Mix from a local shelter last Wednesday, so in between runs I’ve been trying my best to get her and the cat comfortable living together. I took the dog with me for my 3 miler this week, and she was totally into it…for the first mile. Then her snout went to work on Every. Single. piece of ground. I should have known a hound dog would make for a sucky running partner. At least I only ruined a small run. Regardless, we had some nice bonding time.

Friday was fantastic – I ran straight through with about a 10 minute/mile average. My friend’s knee started giving her troubles around mile 4, so unfortunately I continued on while she walked for a while. But she made it. We got lucky again with some more gorgeous winter weather on Friday, so the chill didn’t bother me too much. My toes were only a tiny bit numb.

Today was bitter…and for some reason I thought just a hat, gloves, compression top and a tank top over it would be okay. Thankfully, once the sweat started dripping it proved to be alright. I passed a few doggies on my run, some kids playing, a man fishing, and lots of geese. I have some of what I’m praying is dirt on the side of one of my Nike’s…..I left them outside for inspection tomorrow.

Here’s hoping everyone had a fabulous run today. Stay warm!



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3 responses to “A Chilly Run!

  1. I admire your determination in running, especially with the dog! I can see you trying to run with you pup stopping to smell all the other dogs who have been that way. What a hoot! Good luck on your runs. I’d run if my knees were better, but I just walk. That’s enough for me. And no, I don’t take the dogs. We’d never get ANYWHERE!

  2. Glad to see you pushing on!
    Next time, smack you butt with a steak and let the dog chase you!

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