Warming Up

Yesterday’s Run: 5 Miles

Yesterday went extremely well; about a 9:45/mile pace (great for me), no feeling of lead in the legs, a sweet soundtrack going as I wound through local streets. My body has definitely warmed back up to the running, and I look forward to the actual training beginning tomorrow. I’ll be posting my training schedule too, after tomorrow morning’s 3 miler.

Tomorrow I’m looking into purchasing some compression socks. Does anyone have any thoughts on these? My ankles often become sore. Do they help?

The weather is calling for a crappy 60% chance of rain for tomorrow. I’m going to have to run through it, until we look into purchasing a treadmill….this should be interesting.

Have you ever had to run in the pouring rain? Good or bad experience?



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9 responses to “Warming Up

  1. Running in pouring rain – that happiness has not yet been mine; only steady drizzle w/ occasional bursts…but this week promises to be much wetter – we shall drip together!

  2. I admire your determination for running in the rain and for even wanting to use compression socks (sounds dreadful). Good luck with your training.

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  4. We used to play lacrosse in all sorts of weather. Nothing like not being able to wipe the rain and mud off your glasses under a helmet.

    the rain shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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