The real thing: Training Day 1

Today’s run: 3 miles

Music: Blackmill Radio (Pandora)

This morning felt like early fall; the ground was wet from all of the rain, things were gray, I could smell leaves burning somewhere in the distance. (I love that smell.) It was unseasonably warm, too. At least I didn’t have to wear gloves this time.

So yes, it’s the official start of training! Last week definitely got me warmed up. While I felt great after this Saturday’s 5 miler, things started out a little “blah” this morning. It could have been that once I noticed the rain had stopped, I jumped into my running clothes with both eyes barely open, chugged a cup of water and rushed out the door. About halfway through my body warmed up and it actually became enjoyable. I finished with a time of 30:54 (and that includes about 2 minutes of a brisk walk). Not too shabby.

So, courtesy of Marathon Rookie, this is my 16-week training schedule:

marathon schedule

Pretty straight forward, right? I’m not nervous….yet. I think somewhere around week 5 is when my nerves will start to kick in.


So I was lucky enough to run in warm, dry weather this morning…but the forecast for Wednesday is also calling for rain, so we’ll see what I end up with. If you’re running today, good luck, push through, fast or slow nothing feels better than knowing you finished. 




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6 responses to “The real thing: Training Day 1

  1. Bonne chance. Good luck with your training.

  2. runningonsober

    Congrats on your official kick-off!

    Saw this and thought of you:

    I’ll catch up with you after my break. I’m reading via email though and cheering you on!

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