Training “Day 3” – Another awesome warm-up

Today’s run: 3 miles. 

Yes, it’s a week before the actual training begins, but this has been a great week to get me back into the swing of things before things get serious. The weather here in Jersey was beautiful today (somewhere around 50, sunny) so I threw on my SPIbelt, blasted Young the Giant on Pandora, and hit the concrete (with the best friend, whose knee held up pretty good today).

It was a rough start – my legs felt like lead and I’ve been awake since 3:30 AM (damn morning bartending shift) but once my blood got to pumpin’, I felt great. No leaky nose or numb toes in this sun!

Aside from dodging a few cars (we tend to run in the street more than we should), it was a great 3 miler.

So far, so good. Time to refuel and relax.

In the meantime, check out this epic video from The Color Run. I’ve done two already and can’t wait to do another! One of the best times you could ever have as a runner.



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6 responses to “Training “Day 3” – Another awesome warm-up

  1. Do you wear a reflective vest or something?

  2. Awesome! Tomorrow I’m going running.

  3. Missed my run today…we were visiting a friend who went to hospice this week, and stayed longer than I thought we might…but some things are more important! I will have to cram a bit to stay on the week-to-week schedule, but it will work out. This neighborhood isn’t safe to run in at night, gotta watch the time better, is all.

    • Like you said, sometimes running can be sacrificed for things much more important. No big deal, the next running day you watch the time and you get back to your schedule. I constantly find myself messing up then getting back into it. The important part is that we ALWAYS try again!

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